Business Office


Grisell Memorial Hospital utilizes individual guarantor statements when an account balance becomes the patient’s responsibility. If a patient is not able to pay the bill in full, please call the business office at (785) 731-2231. Payment arrangements can be discussed at that time.

Financial Assistance

Grisell Memorial Hospital offers Financial Assistance Program that employs a sliding scale discount that takes into consideration a patient’s household income and qualifying assets.

Eligible patients are those who received medically necessary services and are indigent, medically indigent, uninsured or underinsured. The patient’s household income must be less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level to qualify for financial assistance discounts. The discounts are subject to Qualified Asset limitations.

The patient must have resided within the primary service area of the hospital for at least six months proceeding the service date, with the exception of those requiring emergency treatment travelling or visiting within the area.

Financial assistance is secondary to all other financial recourses available. Patients that have access to health insurance, third party reimbursement or government assistance and fail to take advantage of such coverage are excluded from the program.

Patients wishing to apply are responsible for initiating the process by seeking and completing the Personal Financial Statement for Financial Assistance within 30 days of discharge. If a patient is unwilling or unable to provide ALL necessary and pertinent information, the financial assistance will not be granted.

See the Business Office for forms and further details.


Any patient may contact the Business Office to obtain current pricing information for services provided at Grisell Memorial Hospital or Rural Health Clinic.